Join Our Optional Program To Grow Even Faster

Level-Up Learning is an optional program for Ezoic customers. Classes happen in one-month intervals and include educational exercises, coaching, walk-throughs, and community discussions.

Hear from Level-Up Learning Members


Join The Next Class

Sign-up for a 30-day program that includes expert advice, an action plan, and coaching.


Complete Weekly Tasks & Attend Sessions

Attend weekly sessions, receive actionable advice, and discuss strategies for your sites with successful publishers.


Engage In The Alumni Community

After completing the 30-day challenge, join our alumni community filled with other growing sites and experts.


Share Experiences & Apply For Grants

Apply for cash grants from Ezoic as you complete tasks and participate in program efforts based on your experiences.

Program Overview

Sign-Up For An Upcoming 30-Day Program

The first Level-Up Learning program begins on October 4. Ezoic publishers can sign-up for the next Level-Up Learning class from their Levels Dashboard. Publishers will receive notifications about the class start date and be able to join the program hub where they can communicate and receive upcoming instructions.

Learn, Observe, and Discuss Growth Strategies

Classes begin at their start date and all publishers within a class will be guided through a curriculum inside of a private Discord server. Each class will include a weekly program with live virtual sessions (recorded as well) led by experts and other successful publishers.

Follow Weekly Themes, Lessons, and Actions

Each week will have a theme, like Optimizing Existing Content, that includes recommended actions and examples alongside live and recorded sessions from publishers that have successfully grown using these strategies.

Apply for Grants As You Learn

Discover opportunities to apply for Ezoic grants and direct cash funding throughout the program. Submit information about your experiences and provide insights that could help your site(s) secure a cash grant from Ezoic.

Benefit From Community Expertise

Learn and discuss the impact of strategies together with other Ezoic publishers. See what others have done successfully or discover new emerging techniques that might be helpful for your business.

Continue Learning With Other Class Alumni

After completing a 30-day Level-Up Learning program, remain in the Level-Up Learning Discord to take part in ongoing discussions and special sessions conducted by other alumni, experts, and successful Ezoic publishers.

FAQs About Level-Up Learning

Is Level-Up Learning the same thing as my Ezoic level?

No. All Ezoic customers can view their level after logging into their Ezoic dashboard. The Level-Up program is optional coaching and education available for all publishers that are Level 1 and up.

Who can join the Level-Up Learning program?

Any Ezoic Customer that is Level 1 or higher. Simply log into your Ezoic account and go to your Levels dashboard to join the next available monthly challenge to get started. Access Now sites must advance to Level 1 before they are able to join.

What’s the purpose of Level-Up Learning?

Ezoic created the Level-Up program to help sites easily learn from other successful publishers and site growth experts. The structure of the challenges and community make it easy to learn and take advantage of all Ezoic offers at your own pace.

Will Level-Up Learning impact my Ezoic Level?

No. The Level-Up program is optional and not connected to a site’s Ezoic Level; however, it was created to help customers learn and focus on items that should help them grow and advance levels faster.

Can I join or leave the program at any time?

Customers will have to join an upcoming class. Classes have set start and end dates. After completing the 30-day challenge, you can remain in the Alumni community to continue gathering insights from experts and other publishers.

Will I have to commit to anything in the program?

No. Customers can do as little or as much as they like. The program will include weekly sessions with other publishers and experts, valuable lessons on how to do things to grow revenue and traffic, and opportunities to apply for grants.

Does the program cost anything and can I quit if I don’t like it?

It is free to Ezoic customers and sites can quit if they don’t find it helpful. It is a totally optional program designed by Ezoic simply to help sites connect with each other and rally around growing using Ezoic’s often underutilized features inside the technology.

Is the program segmented by levels?

No. The program is designed so that customers Level 1 and up can learn and even mentor each other. There are a lot of ways everyone benefits from the exercises and information in the Level-Up Program.

Will I earn a grant if I join the program?

Maybe. It’s not guaranteed that anyone joining the Level-Up program will earn one of our many grants. However, only those participating and engaging in the program will be eligible for several grants provided exclusively to those in the Level-Up program.

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