Level 4

Level 4 is the highest level achievable by objective measurements and receives the full attention of Ezoic support, engineering, and expert staff members at their disposal. Level 4 is a paramount offering that puts the resources that only an organization the size of Ezoic could provide to ensure customers inside Level 4 achieve unparalleled growth and are able to take advantage of Ezoic’s vast publishing industry knowledge to stay ahead in their industry or content vertical.

Level Requirements

Monthly VisitorsMonthly Revenue
Ezoic Customers
(active Ezoic account 3+ months)
> 250,000$2500
New Ezoic Accounts> 500,000$3500

Highest Revenue Guaranteed

Ezoic guarantees the highest revenue for your site at this level. In fact, we’re so sure that as a Level 1 publisher with Ezoic that you’ll earn more using Ezoic that we’re willing to offer an additional 25% higher EPMV if we’re not performing better than any other method of using display ads for Monetization on your site. Learn more.

Recommended Resources

The Levels dashboard

This includes access to your support resources and an area where you can track achievements associated with growth and reaching your next level

Level-Up Learning

This program offers a set curriculum where you can learn, observe, and discuss methods of growing your site and traffic with other publishers and experts. Learn more here.

Cash Grants

Grants are available at your level. View available grants and the prerequisite associated with them here.


  • All Core features included 
  • Levels progress dashboard
  • Access to Level-Up Program
  • Eligible for customized direct ad sales technology and landing page created for advertisers to buy directly
  • Access to ad operations and ad sales teams for tailored brand advertising deals
  • Whitelisted for site-specific ad-demand partners and other unique ad demand
  • Eligible for cash grants in excess of $10,000

Added Monetization Benefits

  • Highest revenue guarantee
  • All previous levels and monetization benefits included
  • Site-specific ad networks added automatically
  • Eligible for free months/year of Ezoic Premium

Services and Support

  • All Level 3 Services & Support included
  • Ezoic Knowledge Base
  • Dedicated onboarding manager and technical specialist
  • Dedicated Publisher Success Manager
  • Book consultation with PSM
  • Ticketed support
  • Live support chat (when available)
  • Weekly webinars
  • Group “office hours” Q&A
  • Invites to Pubtelligence events hosted at Google offices
  • Weekly performance check-ins during initial onboarding with Ezoic team
  • Invited to exclusive Ezoic SEO & AdOps specialist sessions
  • Access to Ezoic SEO & Ad Ops specialists
  • Invited to Ezoic Level 4 and VIP annual customer event

Timeline for Quality Review or Approval 

24 hours or less


Premium Details

Premium is an optional way of accessing high-paying direct advertising deals from major brands sold through Ezoic. The program is available only through a paid subscription and offered ONLY in instances where Ezoic is certain a site will earn more revenue via the subscription.

Best practices for eligibility:

  • Consistently earn monthly revenue above your current levels minimum requirement
  • Attract consistent streams of traffic that are stable and above your level’s minimum monthly visit requirements

Compare All Levels

More questions about this level or other levels? Visit our FAQ section for answers.

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Onboarding Asst.
Help Center
Weekly Webinars
Live Chat*
Grant Eligible
Level-Up Learning
Dedicated Rep.
1-to-1 Consulting
Dedicated Experts
VIP Team
Ad Sales Exec.

Level Provision References


Limitations Apply


Group Onboarding Assistance

Dedicated Onboarding Specialist

Real-time Onboarding Engineers

As Levels increase Ezoic offers expanded ad demand. Learn more.


* Available during live chat support hours (12am – 5pm PST) — high-volume could affect availability