Ezoic committed over $12.4M to customers. See how grants are awarded as a part of this plan below.

Note: Grants from Ezoic are available to all Ezoic customers, regardless of geography or level (even international markets that may not currently have access to Ezoic Levels). See details below on grant eligibility requirements.

Types of Grants & Funding

There are three types of direct cash funding Ezoic has outlined for Ezoic customers. Customers that fit the requirements for each type of grant are eligible for these direct cash distribution opportunities.

Spark Grants

Applications are available periodically in Level-Up Learning and Access Now Programs ONLY.

Available to:
All Customers

Participating in Level-Up Learning or Access Now

Available to publishers participating in Ezoic Level-Up Learning or those completing Access Now. Both programs will present opportunities to submit Spark Grant applications that align with concepts presented in the curriculum. Grants will be awarded based on a publisher’s merits inside the program and in their ability to grow their site using Ezoic.

Growth Grants

Applications are ONLY sent to publishers identified by Ezoic as those actively growing their audiences each month

Available to
Level 2-4

Consistent visitor and revenue growth

Available to publishers who have demonstrated a strong and consistent track record of monthly visitor and revenue growth while using Ezoic. Ezoic will send applications automatically in regular intervals to qualifying publishers and will select publishers to award the grants to based on the merits and criteria of their applications.

Incubator Investment

Ezoic will notify eligible publishers to submit applications for these opportunities when available.

Available to
Premium members in Level 3 & up

Ezoic customer for more than 1 year
Selected for application process

Incubator investments are different from Spark and Growth grants. These rare cash awards include more terms and conditions related to how money from the investment is allocated and include a portion of the cash as an interest-free loan that the publisher can elect to accept to repay from Ezoic earnings over an extended time period.

Note: If you are looking to apply, see the directions above for each type of grant.

Tips For Accessing Grant Money

If you’re interested in receiving grant money, follow the basic directions below to increase your chances of applying and being selected for a grant award.

1.) Use Ezoic tools and features

The longer a publisher is using Ezoic, the greater the chances they’ll grow and/or have access to programs where they can apply or become eligible for grants.

2.) Grow your audience

A major part of grant initiatives is to invest in publishers that are producing content and marketing their sites effectively. Growth grant applications are sent automatically to sites with strong audience growth 2-3x per month.

3.) Join Ezoic programs designed to help growth

Currently, there are only two programs that offer grant application opportunities. Access Now, for new publishers and Level-Up Learning which is optional and available to join inside the Levels dashboard for Level 1 and up.

4.) Apply when opportunites emerge

Ezoic will notify customers anytime a new grant opportunity exists for them, or inside of specific programs, and publishers should use every opportunity to apply to increase their chances of a grant award.

Potential Grant Award Amounts

No publisher can be guaranteed to earn a grant, even if they are eligible and submit an application. Each grant requires an application and awards can be distributed in the form of a single cash award or distributed in monthly cash awards over periods of 3-12 months as well.

Spark GrantsGrowth GrantsIncubator Investment
Access Now$200 maxNot AvailableNot Available
Level 1$200 maxNot AvailableNot Available
Level 2$500 max$2,000 maxNot Available
Level 3$1,000 max$4,000 max$10,000 max
Level 4$1,500 max$8,000 max$50,000 max
VIPDiscretionaryDiscretionary$100,000 max
Grant amounts are per level and per publisher, which means that maximum amounts reflect the total amount that a customer can earn from a particular type of grant at their respective level. If a publisher is awarded a grant and moves up a level, they will become eligible for the same type of grant at their new level.

Grant FAQs

After I complete an application, how long until I know if I’ll be awarded a grant?

If an application is submitted and a customer fulfills all criteria, selections will typically be made within 2-3 weeks after the application is submitted. Requesting status updates from support or Ezoic representatives may prolong the decision-making process. You will ONLY BE NOTIFIED if you are awarded a grant. If you are not awarded a grant, you can apply to any future grants you apply for with an equal opportunity to be selected in subsequent applications.

Can I earn more than one grant at each level or earn more grants after moving to a higher level??

Yes. The maximum value may not be issued so publishers could earn two grants as long as they don’t exceed the maximum value for the type of grant they receive at their level. Any publisher that is eligible for a type of grant has the ability to earn the maximum available for that type of grant at their level. If they move to a higher level, they can become eligible again for the maximum amount at the next level.

How many grants are there and what are my chances of being able to earn one?

The grants are designed to accelerate the growth of already growing publishers. We plan to diversify and issue a large volume across the spectrum of Ezoic publishers. Sites that engage in Ezoic resources and programs and demonstrate strong month-over-month growth in visitors stand the best chance of earning a grant. We’ll provide updates regularly on the number and amounts so everyone can celebrate with those that have received the grants.

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