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Ezoic was built to give publishers control. We created our Monetization product with the goals and best interests of publishers in mind. This best-in-class tool was designed for sites of every shape and size to use and see real success. We're so confident in our ability to empower you to earn the highest amount of revenue possible with your site...that we guarantee it.

If your site earns more from another solution over the course of 30 days - we think that's an opportunity for us to improve, and will gladly pay the difference in earnings.

The launch of Levels has made it even easier for publishers to manage and keep their site's UX intact without harming revenue by using Ezoic. Our guarantee is the highest in the industry - meaning publishers can be confident knowing they are making the highest possible income from display ads by using Ezoic.

Terms and Conditions

We guarantee that any site will earn a higher EPMV (earnings per thousand visitors) from the same number of ads with Ezoic than with any other solution. Any site live for more than 14 days with more than 10,000 visits per month, and earning more than $50 in monthly revenue is eligible for this guarantee. The guarantee is predicated on our criteria for testing and measuring performance outlined below.

Criteria for testing and collecting on the guarantee

The only way to ensure your site is earning higher revenue from the same number of ads and the same types of traffic is to split-test. Split-testing allows you to directly compare the same traffic on the same day without having to adjust for seasonality or current advertising conditions. Ezoic has built split-testing directly into our product — and has since day 1 — as we designed the platform to serve publisher interests first and foremost. This means being able to sort through all the ways ad networks and third parties manipulate earnings without a publisher's knowledge.

In addition to the conditions below, sites must meet this criterion to be eligible for the Ezoic revenue guarantee: Level 1 or higher (as denoted in your publisher dashboard) and Cloud integrated with Ezoic.

1. Best Practices and Measuring EPMV

EPMV stands for "Earnings Per Thousand Visitors".This is how much money you earn, for every 1,000 visits to your website. It is the only metric that accounts for how much a site is earning from each visit, even when traffic to a site fluctuates. It is the only metric that can ensure publishers are earning more or less from the traffic to their site. RPMs and CPMs can actually go up and site could earn less from the same traffic; however, that is impossible with EPMV. Read more about this important metric here.

Ezoic requires sites have basic Ezoic best practices enabled on their sites to ensure a fair comparison. This includes adequate placeholder locations and density, mediation linked to a publisher's AdSense account (if applicable), no "max ad restrictions" enabled, and no other significant advertiser category or ad placement restrictions.

A list of common best practices and tutorials on how to implement them can be found here.

2. Observing Number of Ads vs Test Groups

Ezoic's Big Data Analytics includes detailed reporting for measuring ad density and the number of ads per page. Due to Ezoic's methodology, each visitor has the potential to see a different number of ads and different ad placements. The number of ads a visitor sees will vary, so the number of ads per page is going to be average across all visitors.

This can make subjective observations about the number of ads shown to visitors hard to identify. Often, other solutions will show far more ads on average (even though it may be worse for UX and ad rates long-term). Ezoic manages this better than any other technology available and it's the reason why we're able to guarantee our performance.

To check your average ads per page when using Ezoic, you can view reports in Big Data Analytics and compare them to the other solutions being tested to ensure that performance is being fairly compared.

3. Split-testing

If someone wants to prevent you from split-testing, there’s usually a reason why. Ezoic offers an industry-best conglomeration of ad partners and can offer split-testing and there's no reason why anyone should prevent you from doing this unless their interests are not aligned with your own.

Ezoic works with the most popular ad networks and ad exchanges and caters each level to the largest number of high-earning ad partners and advertisers available for them, thus we're able to guarantee the performance because of our technologies ability to adjust each visit to match visitors with the best experience. This includes Google’s industry-leading Ad Exchange and access to hundreds of direct advertiser deals that Ezoic sets up specifically for our sites in different categories or niches.

You can read more about enabling split-testing with Ezoic here. Tests for guarantees should be set at 50% Ezoic vs. 50% alternative.

Website Marketplace Guarantee

If you recently purchased a site from an online marketplace (such as The Website Flip, Empire Flippers, Motion Invest, etc.) that monetized with an alternative solution prior to its sale, Ezoic will guarantee the new site owner will earn more with Ezoic.

To get access to this offer, enter your contact information below and an Ezoic representative will reach out to you within 1-3 business days.

Ezoic Review

To collect on an Ezoic revenue guarantee, sites will need to implement split-testing on their site for 30 days vs another method of display ad monetization. Sites must meet the criteria above and have been integrated and serving ads through Ezoic for at least 14 days prior to beginning the test. If at the end of 30 days Ezoic is not outperforming the other solution with all conditions met — as outlined above — Ezoic will pay the difference in earnings.

Getting Started

To start a test that is eligible for the Ezoic guarantee, contact your account manager or support staff through your Levels dashboard to request a guarantee form; which will allow you to formally begin the test and guarantee Ezoic provides better performance or we'll revenue match for the test duration at the end of 30 days.

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