Ad Partners By Level

Ezoic isn't an ad network?

Using Ezoic is actually much better than using a single ad network. Ezoic is an end-to-end platform (technology) that enables sites to access thousands of advertisers and ad networks directly without the complex setup and testing required to maximize revenue.

Each Ezoic level includes specific ad partners that we're able to provide directly through our technology, partnerships, and direct ad sales experts.

What is an ad partner?

All levels gain access to thousands of ad networks and advertisers through or Core Monetization partners. The most valuable being Google's Ad Exchange which is provided through Ezoic's parent relationship with Google Ad Manager. Core Monetization partners available to all sites include popular header bidding partners and individual ad exchanges and networks.

Connect any existing ad partners to Ezoic

In addition to all our Core Monetization partners — and additional partners provided through different Ezoic Levels — sites can connect any existing ad network relationships, the most popular being AdSense. This simply puts these relationships in competition for bidding on your site(s), forcing all Ezoic partners and your existing partners to bid higher for the space available. This is done through Ad Mediation inside of the Monetization tab of the Ezoic dashboard.

Core Monetization

Included in all levels

Includes Google Ad Exchange, common header bidders, popular ad exchanges, and established ad networks

Adds A+ Partners

Included in Level 2 and up

A+ provides up to 17 additional ad partners and relationships automatically through Ezoic relationships with the partners that often will only work with sites that have established traffic and quality audiences.

Adds A++ Partner

Included in Level 3 and up

A++ provides up to 9 additional ad partners and other custom advertising arrangements available in addition to the partners provided in A+.

Puts VIP ad sales & operations team to work for all of your sites using Ezoic

Only available in VIP

Ezoic VIP includes the addition of ad sales and operations staff from Ezoic working directly with advertisers and bespoke ad partners to tailor advertising demand for sites at the VIP level. This also includes custom-built technology designed so that advertisers can go directly to a portal on your website to purchase campaigns (anytime, even when you're sleeping).